Nevada Corporation

Nevada Corporation Highlights: One person can hold all functions (Director, President, Treasurer, Secretary). Names of owners or SSN are not required for incorporating. No minimum capital requirement to start company. Incorporation process is same for C Corporations and S Corporations. S election is done with IRS.Frequently Asked Questions.

NV Entity  (Choose one)

Nevada State fee $75 + $30 file stamped copy of Articles + $89 our service fee


NV Secretary of State Filing  (Choose one)

Nevada expedited filing takes approximately 3 business days.


Registered Agent with incorporation  (Choose one)

You must have address in Nevada to be your own registered agent.


You can pre-pay 1 additional year of registered agent and get it for discounted price of $40.


You can pre-pay 2 additional years of registered agent and get them for discounted price of $40.


Articles Delivery  (Choose one)

USPS regular mail is free, but there is no way to track or guarantee delivery.


USPS express shipping.


USPS Express International Shipping. This is estimate and amount can increase depending on actual location.


NV Certificate of Good Standing
NV Cert. of Good Standing Regular$70.00

A certificate of good standing (certificate of existence) is a document issued by the Nevada Secretary of State certifying that your corporation does exist legally and that it is in good standing with the state.

NV Cert. of Good Standing Expedited$150.00

Please choose expedite Certificate in case you are doing expedite incorporation. For regular incorporation choose regular Certificate of Good Standing.


NV Apostille

In 1981, the United States joined the 1961 Hague Convention abolishing the Requirement of Legalization for Foreign Public Documents. The Convention provides for the authentication of public (including notarized) documents to be used in countries that have joined the convention. Apostille of Articles of Incorporation or other document is issued by the Secretary of State.

NV Apostille Regular$94.00

Regular filing takes 2-4 weeks.

NV Apostille Expedite$294.00

Expedite filing takes 1-2 business days plus time for mailing from Secretary of State by regular mail.


NV Initial List  (Choose one)

Nevada Secretary of State is requiring Initial List and State Business license be filed at the same time Articles are filed.

INC NV Initial List + NV Business License$695.00

Initial list for Corporations (INC) MUST be filed on or before the last day of the first month following incorporation/initial registration. We can do it now for only $10 + state fee. State business license fee is $500 + $45 our processing fee. State Business License - now mandatory with each Initial/Annual List.


Company Minutes

Every company has to keep proper records. Let us prepare minutes for corporate meetings of directors, shareholders or members. Don't get your corporate veil pierced.

Corporation Organizational Meeting$25.00

The first meeting of shareholders and directors immediately after corporation documents are filed. Adopting Bylaws, electing shareholders and directors. We will prepare all documents.


Kit with incorporation
Corporate Kit with shipping$98.00

Corporate kit includes binder, corporate seal and stock certificates. The price includes UPS shipping.


Self-serve Minutes

Every corporation must have regular meetings of shareholders and directors. Use self-serve option got access to do-it-yourself system on your IncContact account.


Free initial minutes for new corporations and LLCs


NV Address  (Choose one)

Nevada address and mail forwarding


If you want to use our Nevada address for your corporation filing and mail please sign up for mail forwarding.

$99 Mail Forwarding Plan$129.00

- $99 per year + $30 postage deposit. $5.50 per mailout plus postage.

$150 Mail Forwarding$180.00

$150 per year + $30 postage deposit. $2.50 per mailout plus postage.

$250 Mail Forwarding$280.00

$250 per year + $30 postage deposit - unlimited use. Actual postage only for mail-out once a week. No handling fees.

Office Program $75/month$105.00

Corporate Office Service Program provides a link between your corporation and the state of Nevada. $75 per month. No handling fee for mail forwarding.

Office Program $150/month$180.00

Corporate Office Service Program with shared desk and no booking fee.

Office Program $45/month paid in advance$570.00

Pre-paid office program for the full year with 40% discount. Instead of $75/month you rate will be only $45/month.


IRS Filings with incorporation
EIN Assistance$25.00

We will prepare form for obtaining EIN based on your information and obtain EIN - Tax ID for your new company

S - Corporation Filing$25.00

We will file S-Corporation status filing with IRS for your new corporation., Inc.
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