CA Initial Statement of Information

If you would like us to file the Initial California State of Information on your behalf, please use this form.

CA Statement of Information  (Choose one)
CA Inc Intial Report$40.00

Every corporation must file their initial report within 90 days of the incorporation date

CA LLC Initial Report$35.00

Every California LLC must file an initial report within 90 days after set up


CA Statement of Information Misc Fees

Company Minutes Preparation

Every company has to keep proper records. Let us prepare minutes for corporate meetings of directors, shareholders or members. Don't get your corporate veil pierced.

LLC Organizational Meeting$20.00

The first organizational meeting for LLC where Operating Agreement is adopted.

Corporation Organizational Meeting$25.00

The first meeting of shareholders and directors immediately after corporation documents are filed. Adopting Bylaws, electing shareholders and directors.

Corporation Annual Meeting$20.00

Regular annual meeting of directors and shareholders held at the anniversary date of incorporation., Inc.
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